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Cantonese Opera Advisory Committee & Cantonese Opera Development Fund

To help develop Cantonese opera as a unique local art form more effectively, the Home Affairs Bureau (HAB) set up the Cantonese Opera Advisory Committee (COAC) to advise the Secretary for Home Affairs on the promotion, preservation, study and development of Cantonese opera on 1 May 2004. The term of office is two years. The COAC consists of the Chairman, Vice-Chairmen and Committee Members of the Chinese Artists Association of Hong Kong, experienced Cantonese opera artists, presenters of Cantonese opera, Cantonese opera educationists and promoters, Cantonese opera scholars, professionals, and representatives from government bureaux/departments and organisations concerned. The COAC holds meetings every four to six months to advise on the development of Cantonese opera. It also seeks input from the Cantonese opera sector through consultative meetings and sharing sessions.

The Cantonese Opera Development Fund (CODF) was set up in 2005. The CODF is managed with the assistance of the CODF Advisory Committee. Investment matters are advised by the CODF Investment Committee formed under the Advisory Committee. The Secretary for Home Affairs acts as the Trustee of the Fund. The CODF is set up to support programmes and events that aim to study, promote and assist the continuous development of Cantonese opera. The Fund has been open for application every four months since 2007. Cantonese opera development programmes, including professional training and performances, arts education and community activities, research and archival projects, as well as cultural exchange and venue support projects, proposed by local registered bodies and individuals are eligible for consideration.

As a charitable fund, the CODF welcomes donations from different organisations, enterprises and members of the public to help facilitate the development of Cantonese opera.

This website is set up to provide information about the COAC and CODF with a view to promoting Cantonese opera, raising the community’s understanding of the efforts taken to facilitate Cantonese opera development, enhancing communication with the Cantonese opera sector, and increasing the transparency of the work of COAC and CODF.