Cantonese Opera Development Fund
Scholarship Scheme & Self-development Subsidy Scheme

To strengthen the support for Cantonese opera training, the Cantonese Opera Development Fund has set up two new funding schemes. The Scholarship Scheme aims to support promising local Cantonese opera performers in the sector to study formal professional training courses in Hong Kong, the Mainland or overseas. In addition, the Fund has also piloted the Self-development Subsidy Scheme to encourage local Cantonese opera practitioners (including on-stage and back-stage staff) to further their studies, so as to facilitate the development of the local Cantonese opera sector.

The closing date for Scholarship Scheme and Self-development Subsidy Scheme application is at 6:00pm (18:00:00) on 8 February 2023 (Wednesday). Please refer to the Application Guidelines for details. Applicants are required to fill in the application form.

For any enquiries or submission of the application form in person, please contact the CODF Secretariat on 3655 5627 or 3509 7086.