Cantonese Opera Development Fund


The Cantonese Opera Development Fund (CODF) is a charitable fund set up by the Government in 2005. Culture, Sports and Tourism Bureau is responsible for overseeing the operation of the CODF.

The CODF is established for the following purposes:

CODF will mainly use and give priority consideration in allocating its resources for supporting the following projects or activities:

  • nurturing young talents or supporting middle-tier professional artists;
  • stage performances of full-length Cantonese operas or full-length plays which are experimental / creative in nature or of high archival values;
  • premiere or rerun of quality newly written / adapted Cantonese operas;
  • promoting and sustaining the development of Cantonese opera in the schools, the community or the disadvantaged;
  • professional training programmes for Cantonese opera practitioners;
  • setting up Cantonese opera exchange platforms or arranging exchange visits or outbound exchange programmes or promoting Cantonese opera to the Mainland / Overseas;
  • researches and studies, seminars, talks or workshops in relation to the development and inheritance of Cantonese opera;
  • collecting, preserving, arranging or publishing literature on Cantonese opera in Hong Kong, Cantonese opera scripts or other related materials worthy of preservation, including oral history of Cantonese opera and audio-visual materials, etc.; or
  • other new projects in sustaining the development of Cantonese opera.