CODF Grant Application for the 1st Round of 2024

The purpose of the Cantonese Opera Development Fund (CODF) is to support and subsidise non-profit-making projects and activities relating to the study, promotion and sustainable development of Cantonese opera. These development projects include researches/preservation/publication, training and promotion, arts education, audience building, cultural exchange, promoting Cantonese opera to the Mainland/Overseas. Cantonese opera performances aimed at nurturing budding artists, supporting middle-tier artists or those that are innovative or worthy of preservation. The CODF encourages funding application for programmes on preserving and onpassing the artistic skills and performance experiences of Cantonese opera masters (e.g. video-recording of highlight performances of maestros and the publication of related literary documents) and producing quality newly written/adapted Cantonese operas for performance. The CODF also welcomes applications from local registered organisations or residents.

The closing date for the 1st Round of 2024 CODF Grant Application is at 6:00pm (18:00:00) on 30 April 2024 (Tuesday). Generally the project should commence on or after 21 August 2024. Please refer to the Application Guidelines for details. Applicants are required to fill in the application form.

Please note that the following updates have been made on Category 1 - “New Play Scheme”:

  • The pilot scheme “Short and Medium-Length Cantonese Opera” is open for application in this round of application (i.e. April 2024). Application for “Full-Length Cantonese Opera” will be accepted in the 2nd round (i.e. August 2024).
  • Application for “New Play Scheme” (both Short and Medium-Length and Full-Length Cantonese Opera) are not accepted in 3rd round of application (i.e. December 2024), in which only application for general Cantonese opera performances is accepted.

For any enquiries or submission of the application form in person, please contact the CODF Secretariat on 3509 8084 or 3509 7086.